Welcome to the AGM


Complete agenda below:

Annual General Meeting

7.00pm, Wednesday, 8 November, 2017

Richmond Yacht Club, Westhaven


  1. Welcome to members and invited guests
  2. Formal business
  • Apologies and proxies
  • 2016 AGM minutes for approval
  • Chairman’s report
  • Financial report
  1. Forum on Water Quality – issues and solutions for our dirty water:
  • Uncovering the secret – David Abbott (chair SMBA and co-convenor SASOC- Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition)
  • Unacceptable situation – Councillor Mike Lee (councillor for the Waitemata ward)
  • Solutions directly affecting St Mary’s Bay – Craig Mcilroy (general manager, Healthy Waters, Auckland Council)
  • Members’ questions
  1. General business
  • Westhaven and the America’s Cup
  • Re-planting trees in St Mary’s Road
  • Maintenance of St Mary’s Reserve
  • LED lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • From the floor?

Is your membership up-to-date?

Please ensure that your membership is up-to-date before the meeting as only members may attend. To join/renew, please go to our website https://www.stmarysbayassociation.nz/membership/

Your financial support – whether you’re attending the AGM or not – allows us to continue our voluntary work for the community.

 Thank you all for your continued support of the association, and to Martin Dobson & Charles Collins, long term passionate St Mary’s Bay residents, of Kellands Real Estate for their continuing sponsorship.