October 2016 Newsletter

Keen to meet your neighbours and find out more about what’s going on in St Mary’s Bay? Well, you can, either by renewing your membership of the St Mary’s Bay Association or by becoming a member .

The St Mary’s Bay Association, through its elected and voluntary committee, raises awareness of, and provides representation on local issues on behalf of members. Members pay an annual fee towards the costs of the Association and in return are kept informed about local issues through our website and regular newsletter updates. Members also have an opportunity to share their view on these issues.

Membership rates for the current year are a very reasonable $40 per couple or $25 per individual.


Members, it is now time to renew, and continue your support of the Association. If you’re not a member, but are interested in joining (and we hope you are), then we will be delighted to have you with us. Whichever applies, we invite you to renew or join via our new website (this avoids having to post a cheque, or queue to pay at the door at the AGM):

Simply click on https://www.stmarysbayassociation.nz/membership/

1. Complete the online form, then
2. Transfer the membership fee to our bank account


On our new website https://www.stmarysbayassociation.nz you’ll also find lots of information about the Association including what it’s been up to, our history and achievements and of course how to contact us. The Association has been on the go for 40+ years and in recognition of this achievement we are giving all St Mary’s Bay residents a complimentary copy of our 40th anniversary booklet.

AGM – all members are welcome

This is being held on Wednesday, 9th November at 7.30pm, at the Richmond Yacht Club, Westhaven. Details are on the enclosed notice. Mike Lee, Waitemata and Gulf ward councillor, is guest speaker. I look forward to meeting you there.

Last, but not least, our sincere thanks to our ongoing SMBA sponsors and supporters Martin Dobson and Charles Collins of Kellands Real Estate.   We would also like to thank New World, Victoria Park for its contribution to the printing costs of our Anniversary booklet.

Best wishes
David Abbott (Chairman) 21 October 2016