Mission Statement

The St Mary’s Bay Association was established in 1975 to:

  1. Scrutinise, examine and evaluate any projects or developments of St Mary’s Bay and its environs which alter, vary or change in any way for any purpose the amenities, character or nature of this area.
  2. To encourage, support and maintain the character, nature or amenities of St Mary’s Bay and its environs.
  3. To devise, advocate, promote and encourage the carrying out of any scheme, matter or thing calculated to be for the betterment or maintenance of the character of St Mary’s Bay.
  4. To promote, foster and encourage the full recreational use of the whole of Auckland Harbour and its environs.
  5. To protect, promote and foster the preservation of the environment of Auckland Harbour.
  6. To prevent activities which would destroy or add to the destruction of the ecological and biological marine life in and around the Auckland Harbour.
  7. To help educate the people of Auckland about the above objectives.
  8. To lobby national and local government in support of the above objectives.
  9. To secure financial support for the above objectives.
  10. To invest and deal with the money of the association not immediately required .
  11. To do any act which may appear to the committee of the association to be incidental or conducive to attaining the objectives of the association.

Note: This statement is abridged from the legal rules of the association.