Weeds! Locals want action

Regular maintenance of St Mary’s Bay Park is an ongoing problem and the St Mary’s Bay Association is in renewed discussion with Auckland Council to push for an agreed maintenance plan to control weeds and replant where necessary.

Over the years there have been three main problems:

  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • No clear legal boundary line between the public park and the privately-owned cliff faces
  • Poor cleaning of the clear noise barriers and the pedestrian overbridge.

Maintenance concerns about the state of the St Mary’s Bay Reserve go back to 2011 when the Victoria Park Alliance (a consortium of NZTA and others responsible for building the Vic Park Tunnel) funded approximately 40,000 plants to re-landscape the area, on the understanding that it would be maintained by Auckland Council.  The planting stopped at the perceived cliff line, primarily because the cliff face is mostly, if not completely, private property and the legal boundary between the reserve and private property has never been clear.  The need for a survey of the boundaries has been raised from time to time, but as far as we are aware no survey has been undertaken.

Also in 2011, the Vic Park Alliance surveyed clifftop residents on their support for its offer to clean up and replant this area.  To cover a funding shortfall, owners were asked whether they would pay a small upfront contribution and agree to fund ongoing maintenance of their privately owned cliff face. Total responses were 22 (from 60 surveys). Of these 82% supported in principle and would consider donations; 14% did not support.  Unfortunately this initiative petered out and the Vic Park Alliance disbanded.

The association has received several letters from residents concerned about the lack of upkeep. We will keep you informed of progress.