Cleaner water for fish and birds

An application by Healthy Waters for a 35-year network discharge consent for its entire stormwater network has been amended to meet objections.

Key amendments will ensure that effects on significant ecological areas are adequately addressed, that specific site issues are considered in more detail and that Healthy Waters improve engagement with stakeholders. Consultation must now comply with the Local Government Act.

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Separation for St Mary’s Bay

In a bid for a cleaner harbour, all sewerage and stormwater pipes in St Mary’s Bay are to be separated. Stormwater will be piped out into the harbour and sewage will be directed to the treatment plant at Mangere. This work is expected to start early in 2020 and be completed by mid 2024. (Similar work is also in train for Herne Bay).

Approximately 40% of properties are already separated to the street, but there the two wastewater and stormwater pipes flow into one single pipe. After heavy rain the sewage mixes with the stormwater and overflows into the harbour, contaminating local beaches.

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Weedy kerbs? Jacobs Ladder a problem?

Is your kerbside covered in weeds? Are you concerned about inadequate maintenance of St Mary’s Bay Park? Do you have safety fears about the poor condition of the nosing on the Jacob’s Ladder steps? Then contact Auckland Council to report poor maintenance. Simply fill in this online form and the council will log this into its system and contact you with an answer. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen.

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It’s agreed! Sewerage upgrade for 21st century

The failing, 19th century sewerage system in St Mary’s Bay is set for a major upgrade:

Separation of sewage and stormwater into two pipes
Sewage to go to Mangere for treatment; stormwater to be discharged into the harbour, through a large tunnel bored beneath the park and a new outfall pipe off Masefield Beach.
Old and broken pipes to be refurbished.
This will reduce sewage overflows into the harbour from approximately 100 per year (especially common after storms) to a possible two (after extreme weather events). We can all look forward to cleaner beaches.

Separation in St Mary’s Bay will start early next year, and is expected to be completed by 2024. Separation in Herne Bay will finish a year or two later. The council will meet all costs of separation on those private properties which are not already separated. The council has also agreed to reimburse the costs of our expert, Dr Ian Wallis.

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