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Save St Mary’s Bay from Plan Change 78 intensification!

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SMBA’S submission on PC 78

Submitted to the Planning Technician, Auckland Council:

This is a submission opposing Proposed Plan Change 78 as it affects the inner city suburb of Auckland known as St Mary’s Bay. This submission relates to all aspects of PC78 as they affect St Mary’s Bay which, for the purposes of this notice, is the area bounded by St Mary’s College and Jacob’s Ladder in the east, the northern motorway to the north, Curran Street to the west and Jervois Road/College Hill to the south.

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Save St Mary’s Bay

It may soon become possible to build six+ storey apartment buildings across a large part of St Mary’s Bay.

  • This will inevitably alter the historic character of one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs.
  • It could potentially have a dramatic impact on your view, sunlight, shading, and privacy, and of course the value of your property.
  • Not to mention the (often multi-year) disruption & inconvenience to both you, and your whole street while these properties are being constructed.
  • And it could destroy the whole amenity value and community feel of St Mary’s Bay, key reasons why we have all chosen to buy and live here.

What can you do?

What value our city’s history?

On Tuesday 19 April Auckland Council pulled back the covers on a preliminary proposal for amending Auckland’s Unitary Plan, to meet the government’s plans for housing intensification.

The proposal amounts to a garroting of years of city planning and citizen participation, particularly the preservation of the character of our older residential areas.  These areas contribute much to making our city interesting, livable, diverse and community focused.

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