What value our city’s history?

On Tuesday 19 April Auckland Council pulled back the covers on a preliminary proposal for amending Auckland’s Unitary Plan, to meet the government’s plans for housing intensification.

The proposal amounts to a garroting of years of city planning and citizen participation, particularly the preservation of the character of our older residential areas.  These areas contribute much to making our city interesting, livable, diverse and community focused.

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Not enough details on bridge path

Too many details are still missing in NZTA’s plans for the city end of the Northern Pathway, a walking and cycling path between Albany and central Auckland.

The section formerly known as SkyPath is closest to St Mary’s Bay and runs from Akoranga over the harbour bridge to Westhaven. The St Mary’s Bay Association and residents are keen to work with NZTA and Auckland Transport to ensure that Westhaven and adjoining streets in St Mary’s Bay are not overwhelmed by user facilities near the Westhaven on/off ramp.

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Save the Leys: How to help

Following a seismic assessment which deemed the buildings unsafe, the Leys Institute was closed abruptly by Auckland Council on 20 December last year.

On 26 February more than 150 banner-carrying protesters gathered outside the Leys Institute and called on Waitemata Local Board chair Richard Northey to champion the residents’ desire to return the closed library to its former use, after appropriate seismic upgrading.

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Big water projects get underway

Diggers, trucks and a large drilling rig in St Mary’s Park, plus the closure of one end of Hackett St are the visible signs of the start of the first of two major water projects in St Mary’s Bay.

The first is a large drainage tunnel through the foot of St Mary’s Bay and the construction in Hackett St of a replacement inspection chamber for the intersection of wastewater and stormwater pipes, plus the relining of an old and failing pipe.

The second, not yet started, is the separation of combined wastewater and stormwater pipes. Herne Bay’s combined pipes will also be separated.

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