Separation for St Mary’s Bay

In a bid for a cleaner harbour, all sewerage and stormwater pipes in St Mary’s Bay are to be separated. Stormwater will be piped out into the harbour and sewage will be directed to the treatment plant at Mangere. This work is expected to start early in 2020 and be completed by mid 2024. (Similar work is also in train for Herne Bay).

Approximately 40% of properties are already separated to the street, but there the two wastewater and stormwater pipes flow into one single pipe. After heavy rain the sewage mixes with the stormwater and overflows into the harbour, contaminating local beaches.

This combined Watercare/Healthy Waters project will require resource consent and permission from private property owners to allow access to their property, and a traffic management plan. This project will be fully funded by Council and at no cost to residents.

This project arose out of consultation over the St Mary’s Bay Water Improvement Project (“the tunnel”). Separation will start in Herne Bay late in 2021, to tie in with completion of the tunnel project, and be completed mid 2025.