America’s Cup concerns

Panuku Development’s application for a resource consent for construction of the America’s Cup bases (the Wynyard Hobson proposal) is to be heard by the Environment Court in mid -September.

In late May, the St Mary’s Bay Association (the SMBA) filed a submission on this application and has given notice that it wishes to be heard at the hearing.

In essence, the SMBA supports the Wynyard Hobson proposal provided appropriate countervailing interests are recognised in the resource consent conditions. The SMBA wants to ensure that:

  • The integrity of the 2012 Waterfront Plan and the 2013 Sustainable Development Framework is maintained, and temporary infrastructure is removed as soon as possible after the event.
  • The location and size of buildings continue to allow harbour-edge access and protect harbour views.
  • Any increase in stormwater should not adversely affect water quality.
  • The public is safeguarded from potential hazards such as fire, posed by proximity to the tank farm.
  • Following the temporary relocation of the fishing fleet, it must be returned to its original (or suitable alternative) berthage in order to preserve the historic character of the area.
  • Proposed permanent relocation of the Sealink ferries does not impact the long-term plans for public use of land at Wynyard Point.

Since then Auckland Council (as the regulatory authority) has provided its statutory report on the application (containing numerous technical reports and draft management plans) which together review the various aspects and effects of construction, for example, traffic, noise and urban design:

Most recently, on 19, 20 and 30 July, the SMBA, along with other submitters, attended a lengthy mediation at which all issues raised by submitters were discussed, and many have been resolved.  Although formal recording of agreements reached at the mediation has not yet been concluded, SMBA considers that the issues it raised in its submission are likely to be addressed in the conditions, and that it is unlikely that the SMBA will need to take part in the Environment Court hearing in September.