St Mary’s Road tree survey

New tree planting planned for St Mary’s Road will create a “green, leafy and unified street” – and an attractive entranceway to the suburb of St Mary’s Bay.

The St Mary’s Bay Association has been meeting with Auckland Council arborists and others to discuss the project. The council’s vision is to create a “green, leafy and unified street”. Currently St Mary’s Road is planted with a mix of silver birch (some of which need to be removed), titoki, magnolia and melia.

In mid-February the council gave St Mary’s Road residents a questionnaire to ascertain their views (a copy of the questionnaire is below). The SMBA will meet with council arborists to discuss the results of the survey. The committee view is that the SMBA is in favour of a more attractive street and a uniformity of approach to the type of tree. Provided the choice of tree is suitable for the urban environment, it will leave the tree selection to the council arborists and the residents of St Mary’s Road.

The planting is planned for June.

If you still wish to provide input, contact the Waitemata Local Board.

If you have any technical questions contact WLB senior arborist David Stejskal, (09) 890 4268 or

St Marys Road – proposed tree planting

Questionnaire for residents –2018

 Should native or exotic trees be planted?

Native                                             Exotic                                  No opinion

Should trees be deciduous (shed leaves during winter) or evergreen?

Deciduous                           Evergreen               No opinion

What would be an appropriate tree size? Please see the
image for reference.




No opinion


Should there be uniformity of species along the street or a mix of species?

Uniformity                                      Mix of species                    No opinion

What do you think about the number of trees currently planted on the berms?

It is about right

Increase the number of trees

No opinion

Tell us what else is important for you when choosing the planting schedule. Examples could include flowers, reducing leaf litter, providing a food source for native birds, not losing views to the harbour, and provision of shade along the street.