Minimum space between properties

Auckland Council is proposing changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan to clarify that where there are corresponding provisions (including activities and standards) in the Special Character Areas Overlay and in the underlying zone, the provision in the Special Character Areas Overlay will prevail over the corresponding provision in the underlying zone. 

The council is also seeking to refine some of the standards within the Special Character Areas Overlay, including height in relation to boundary, yards, paved areas and fences.

The SMBA has called for a minimum distance between adjoining properties to allow enough space for building maintenance such as repairs and painting.

 In a submission on Unitary Plan proposed plan change 26 the association has requested that consent to an infringement of the side yard standard must require a minimum of 1200m between properties on adjacent sites, regardless of the location of the site boundary. 

The SMBA also submitted that the rules relating to fences and walls should continue to retain the term “and other structures” because structures other than fences and walls may adversely affect the amenities of neighbouring properties.

For further information read the Auckland Council’s Plan Modification 26 here: